We are the Bridge.......

The National Association of Asian American Consumers (NAAAC) is an association dedicated to bring consumer awareness as well as provide collective purchasing power to Asian American Communities. We are the bridge to connect the powerful Asian American consumer group in the United States with companies, manufactures and providers of goods and services that wish to reach out to this vibrant market.

Our Goal

To provide an enduring private sector support system for Asian-American consumers which will serve to enrich the lives of all Americans.

Our Mission

NAAAC will become a gateway by which Asian Americans can become actively involved in Americas dynamic marketplace in a convenient, affordable, and non-threatening way.

Our Vision

NAAAC will provide information to Asian-American consumers about goods and services available to them and offer those items at discounted prices, through convenient distribution channels. Working closely with already existing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino associations, coalitions and government agencies, NAAAC will serve those five primary nationalities with multi-lingual publications, telephone, social media, and web based services. NAAAC will work to support the activities of those other agencies and organizations as they continue to develop and provide their support system for Asian American Consumers in the U.S.