Membership Benefits

  • Discount Programs: In partnership with over 250,000 retail merchants with some of the following national brands.

  • Rewards Programs: NAAAC Rewards points, miles, and credit cards.

  • Premiums & Incentives: Ranging from printed certificates to complete loyalty-card programs.

  • Marketing Programs: Employee discount plans for Asian American organizations.

  • Litigation Support & Consultation: Extensive knowledge & experiences in class action and unlawful business practices.

  • Annual NAAAC Directory: Organize by member’s area of interests & ethnic background.

  • NAAAC Newsletter : Publish four times yearly and include substantive articles on key issues & news regarding Asian American in the United S tates.

  • NAAAC Website Including the “Members Only” section, found at www. NAAAC.NET The site contains NAAAC’s publications, articles, briefs, an d links to various Asian American organizations as well as a benefit site and a library to NAAAC’s members.